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Mon parcours

After graduating in English at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, I decided to switch career and become a florist. I went to famous Ecole des fleuristes de Paris, and spend 3 years learning the skills, working alongside with different flower shops. 

I had finally found what I was meant to become.

I spent almost ten years working in different shops, learning from the best, growing in confidence, and decided to start my own business.

Why? In a nutshell , because I want to be able to guide you for your big day, I want to help if you need me, be more free and keep on traveling around the globe.

Together, let's bring out the best of you events!

( Weddings, showrooms, floral subscriptions, brand content, opening nights, window design, photoshoot and so on)


Mon univers

Nature is as beautiful as fragile. It is important to respect what we have in our hands.

Every single flower has its place in a floral arrangement . It must bloom as free as possible. This is what I am trying to do when I am working on floral arrangements. I want the result to be beautiful, garden like and as natural as possible.

I am trying a poetic approach, while respecting everybody's style.

J'ai trouvé mon équilibre en proposant une façon de travailler complète et qui englobe tous les aspects de mon métier de fleuriste: je travaille autant pour d'autres fleuristes (qui auraient besoin de renfort en boutique, de remplacement ponctuel ou pour prêter main forte lors de gros événements par exemple) que pour des particuliers. C'est la raison pour laquelle j'ai fais le choix de ne pas ouvrir de boutique.  

En effet, cela me permet de travailler partout en France, et jusqu'aux portes du monde. Un jour chez un fleuriste à Paris, la semaine d'après en Provence pour un mariage ... C'est ce côté itinérant qui m'intéresse. Cela me permet de rencontrer différents prestataires, d'étoffer mon style, et cela m'apporte force et polyvalence. La fleur est avant tout une histoire de rencontre qui n'a pas de frontières. Elle permet, ensemble, de créer les plus belles émotions...

Je suis donc ce qu'on appelle fleuriste indépendante. Un petit électron libre.


Mon travail


Mes valeurs

These two go together. 

Working in alignment with my moral and personal values is the most important. 

This is a time where climate change and environmental disasters are invading the news, so it is our job to be extra careful. I will always try to buy local flowers, and seasonal.

With me, you will not see peonies in winter, nor tulips in summer. Being in love with flowers also means adapting to the local sells.

As you can see, I care for flowers, but also for human relations. I love working with people who share my values, and are caring.

This is the key to working in good spirit, isn't it?

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